Sacramento Skull Works
2013 Price list   
Fox, Opossum, Raccoon, Woodchuck $60.00 
Coyote, Bobcat, Lynx, Badger, Beaver $90.00
Domestic Dog $90.00  
Javelina $150.00
Antlered Deer – no velvet antlers $225.00
Lower Jaw $25.00
Antler Plaques (antlers only, no skull) $160.00
Non-Antlered Deer $125.00
Lower Jaw $25.00
Goat, Sheep, Antelope $185.00
Lower Jaw $25.00
Wolf $150.00
Black Bears $200.00
Larger Bears (Grizzly, Brown, Polar) $225.00
Pig (wild or domestic) $250.00
Elk $350.00
Alligator $100.00 (+$10/inch)
Buffalo $375.00
Complete Animal Skeleton Inquire
Anything smaller than listed, is shop minimum of $60.00.  
Anything larger or not listed – Please inquire  

*All prices are assuming skull is void of skin, brain, eyes and tongue. If removal of these items is needed, please add additional $20.00 to price for animals over $45.00.

*50% down payment required to start work. 

*Turn around times vary, an estimate will be given upon receiving deposit. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs both ways. 

*Custom pedestals, wall mounts, camo dipping and metallizing available – please inquire on options and pricing. 

*Taxidermists please inquire for wholesale price list.

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